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NR officer Profiles


Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchums motto of "got to catch them all" has been the prime factor in the rapid growth of NR.  Although many members have complained that he threatens to "Capture you in a pokeball if you dont join" for the most part his hard work has equaled success.  Getting over the fatality of his dog, who died from (Yellow and Black) paint inhilation Ash spends much of his time developing and structuring the Alliance and not doing his homework or bathing.


14 charges of battery, 3 counts of rape, and 2 invoulentary manslaughters.  BadBeatBrad, shown here on his 38th birthday in the Brisbane correctional facility, has lived up to his name.  Coming from a broken home and breaking several along the way he has left a wake of destruction across country side of Kansas fathering almost as many children as nights spent in jail.   BadBeat does have a soft side though,  it has been said that the only things that can stop this meanace to society are kittens and chocholate truffles.



"What is he?" you ask.     ...Thats not nice.
A gloomy figure that lurks in the shadows and only surfaces for one liners and random horrifying yelps.  qo_op, who does not qualify as a proper noun (Qo_op),  is a mixture of pure evil and .87 evil.  Rumors that he is actually several hundreds of years old and bathes in the blood of his victims to stay young have been confirmed. 


Da Gregernaught

Supposedly just being near Da Gregernaught gives you herpies.  I havnt tried it, but Im going off the word of half the alliance.  From an orphan abandoned in a wallet making sweatshop to a multi-million dollar hair model, this leader of man has been through it all.  Although most of his resources are spent on cosmetics and botox he is handy with the pen and scale. 



Born and cultivated in a rice patty and subjected to pure war from infantcy to adulthood, this monster is unmatched in both Strategy and Curling.  After growing weary from years of war and a deciding to retire and rest peacefully in the mountains a sign came in the form of a Pokeball.  Furious at the act of some dressed up retard throwing an object and shouting at him, he awakened to his old calling and joined the front lines again.


Dharan Empire

Formerly known as MC Hammer.  Dharan retired from the music industry because it was cutting to much into his raiding time.  Using a variation of moves he discovered in the mid 80's, he has been dancing his way into the entire SW quads warehouses.  Just as quickly as he is in hes out and then back again.